Cleveland Tennessee Police Chief resigns after “Love Nest”


Cleveland police Chief Wes Snyder, who apologized publicly Monday after being caught on video repeatedly rendezvousing with a woman who is not his wife, is using his vacation time until his resignation takes effect in January.

Snyder will not return to the office, City Manager Janice Casteel said.

Snyder and MainStreet Cleveland Executive Director Sharon Marr each apologized during Monday’s Cleveland City Council meeting.

“I made a terrible mistake with a very dear and very good friend that plunged all of us into circumstances that are horrible to say the least,” Snyder said. “I take full responsibility and complete responsibility for my actions. Without a doubt I have used poor judgment in this matter. So I’ll stand here today and ask you for your forgiveness … healing starts with the first step, so here’s the first step.”

Applause filled the packed City Council room after Snyder spoke. Before Snyder left, he shook hands with Cleveland Mayor Tom Rowland and the members of the Cleveland City Council.

“You’ve done an outstanding job for 10 years,” City Councilman George Poe told Snyder.

Marr’s statement that followed also was received with loud applause.

“I’m truly sorry for the embarrassment that my actions have caused this community, the city and to MainStreet,” she said. “Most of all, I’m deeply sorry to my family, friends, Wes’ family and all the very good people who are hurting so badly at this time.

“I care greatly for this community and the work we’re doing,” Marr said. “This is a very personal matter that has played out in a very horrific way, and we are just going to heal and move through it.”

Surveillance tape showed Snyder and a woman identified as Marr entering a storage unit at Rhodes Climate Controlled Storage on Old Tasso Road NE on multiple occasions, usually for 60 or 90 minutes at a time. Officers let in to the unit by the facility’s owner found objects including a rug, pillows and a bottle of brandy, according to a Cleveland Police Department report.

Snyder submitted his retirement letter on Friday. His retirement date is Jan. 5, 2014, which will mark his 10th anniversary as police chief. He has served the Cleveland Police Department for 33 years.

Casteel said Capt. David Bishop has been named interim police chief. He has 35 years in law enforcement and has spent the past 29 years and six months with the Cleveland Police Department, Bishop said.

MainStreet Cleveland will undertake a full review of the incident, including a financial audit performed by a third party, board President Joseph Barton said.

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