Dad, step-mom charged with capital murder in death of 11-year-old

A father and step-mother in Mississippi were charged Tuesday in the death of an 11-year-old Mississippi boy.
Courtesy: Commercial Appeal

According to jail records, 37-year-old Jack Raines and 33-year-old Amanda Raines remain jailed on $250,000 bond each, facing charges of capital murder.

The Commercial Appeal reported the boy, Tyler Raines, died under mysterious circumstances last Thursday.

“We are waiting on the autopsy results, and at this time all we can say is that we are conducting an investigation into the boy’s death,” Horn Lake Police Lt. Scott Evans said Monday.

Authorities reported the boy was home schooled for at least the past two years, but several other children in the home attended school.

An investigator close to the case told WREG the death is the worst case of child abuse he’s ever seen because the boy was covered, head to toe, in bruises.

The boy’s aunt, Rebecca Gaines, told the news station his extended family haven’t been able to see him in years. 

“His dad and his step-mother refused to let anybody in the family see him,” Gaines said.

According to WREG, the boy’s mother also hadn’t seen him in over a year because his father forbid it.  She said she got to see his body before he was cremated on Saturday, and that what she saw made her believe something terrible happened.

She said he was emaciated and looked severely abused.

Officials are expected to share more information Wednesday.