Bimbo, Makers of Sara Lee Breads and Other Brands Announces Tennessee Recall

WTVC NewsChannel 9 :: News - Top Stories - Bimbo Bakeries Recalls Bread Sold in Tennessee, Georgia

The maker of Sara Lee, Nature’s Harvest and other brands is recalling about 48,000 packages of bread sold in 11 states because they may contain fragments of glass from a broken light bulb at a company factory.

GO HERE (PDF file) to learn more specific details about the recall.

Bimbo Bakeries said Wednesday one consumer found small pieces of glass on the outside of the bread. No injuries have been reported.

The recall covers seven different Sara Lee products, two each sold under the Nature’s Harvest and Great Value brands, and one each for the Kroger, L’Oven Fresh, and Bimbo brands. The packages have “best by” dates ranging from Aug. 29 to Sept. 1 and a listed “bakery code” of 1658.

The Horsham, Pennsylvania-based company says consumers can return the bread to stores for a full refund. The states where the recalled bread was sold are Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia.

Bimbo Bakeries is part of Grupo Bimbo, which describes itself as the largest baking company in the world.

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Senator Corker Urges Long Term Transportation Solutions for Tennessee

Republican U.S. Sen. Bob Corker says he hopes his home state of Tennessee won’t emulate the Washington approach to spending on transportation projects without finding ways to pay for them.

Corker on Wednesday praised Gov. Bill Haslam, a close friend and fellow Republican, for trying to find long-term solutions to Tennessee’s transportation needs.

Haslam is on a statewide tour to draw attention to transportation funding needs. And while Haslam has yet to make any specific funding proposals, some GOP leaders in the General Assembly have been quick to rule out a gas tax hike in 2016.

Corker has found little traction so far in his proposal to increase the federal gas tax. He says an alternative is to return authority over road projects and funding to the states.

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Ultramarathon Coming to Manchester

Press Release:
Old Timers’ Ultramarathon in Manchester (a Race for the Ages)

On Labor Day Weekend, the Fred Deadman Park in Manchester, Tennessee will play host to the greatest field of American ultramarathon runners ever assembled…. 30 years too late.

In a unique format, where every runner is allotted the same number of hours to run as their age in years, the winner will be the runner accumulating the most miles before the finish; at 6pm on Labor Day Monday.  The first runner, 84 year old Dan Baglione from California, will be starting at 6AM on Friday, with additional runners taking to the certified 1 mile loop around the Park every hour for the next two and a half days. This will also be the oldest field ever to run an ultramarathon; with 29 entrants over 70 years old, and another 55 runners over 60. 84 of the 163 entrants will be over 60 years old.

While Ultramarathoning has become a mainstream phenomenon in recent years, back in the 1970’s and ‘80s (or even the 60’s) when most of these runners began their careers, it was an obscure sport, with only a handful of participants. Back in “the day,” when these athletes were in their prime, almost everyone knew each other and competed in the relative handful of available events. ARFTA will be a grand reunion of the runners who founded the modern sport. The field includes a plethora of current (and future) hall of famers, with athletes whose achievements range from sub-3 hour 50km (31.05 miles) to transcontinental races of over 3,000 miles.

As with any athlete, the years have slowed the ARFTA runners, many of them no longer able to make the time limits. However, the Manchester format has turned back the hands of time, and the great runners of the past will be able to compete on equal terms with some of the great runners of today. Race goals for these 60, 70, and 80-year-old, plus, runners range from 100 to 250 miles. These are not your typical grandmothers and grandfathers.

For anyone who questions the value of a lifetime of physical fitness, the career achievements that the ARFTA runners are seeking are mind boggling. Just taking the 100 miles, the flagship distance of today’s ultramarathon: Only one person has ever completed a 100 mile run in each of 5 different decades (Ray Krolewicz) Ray is running ARFTA, along with three other runners who will be attempting to join him; Joe Scheiffer, Ed Dodd, and 81 year old Ed Demoney. While completing a 100 mile run in every decade is impressive; equally impressive is the ability to complete 100 mile runs over an extended period of years.  Currently, there are only 25 people in the history of the sport who have completed 100 mile races over a period of more than 30 years. 8 of those runners will be at ARFTA, including the only two women on that list. What is truly amazing is that no fewer than 17 ARFTA entrants will be attempting to join that exclusive club.

Bonnie Gamble, and the Manchester Recreation Department are commended for bringing to Manchester a truly unique, and inspiring, athletic event, which has drawn entrants from 34 states and Canada. A plethora of age group records are expected to fall, but the real treat is that, for one more weekend, the old guys will be able to compete head to head against the kids.

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Senator Corker Says Iran Nuclear Deal will likely Pass

Tennessee Senator Bob Corker predicts President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran will likely survive a congressional vote. The Chattanooga Republican says he is strongly opposed to the measure. The administration says the agreement would impose strict limits on further nuclear weapons research by Iran, and would deny the nation access to a bomb for many years. The Tennessean reports Corker at first thought congress would reject the deal by a wide enough margin to overcome an expected veto by the President. While Republicans unanimously oppose the agreement, it appears there aren’t enough votes to achieve a two thirds veto proof majority in the House and Senate.

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City of Tullahoma Target of Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

A former Tullahoma City Administrator says her job termination in May violates provisions of the Federal Medical Leave Act. Jennifer Amacher seeking lost pay, legal expenses and other damages in a lawsuit filed against the city in Winchester Federal Court last week. Amacher claims she started to suffer a variety of health issues in February that caused her to take time off from her work with the Codes Department. She claims Administrator Jody Baltz wrongfully suspended her and then fired her from the job she had held for nearly 16 years in May. The Chattanooga Times Free Press reports City Attorney Steve Worsham refused comment on legal action.

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Judge Upholds Tennessee’s Lethal Injection Protocol

A Nashville Chancellor has upheld Tennessee’s lethal injection protocol for condemned inmates. Judge Claudia Bonnyman says attorneys representing a group of death row inmates failed to prove the killing cocktail of drugs constituted cruel and unusual punishment. The decision of a set back for capital punishment opponents but it doesn’t readily open the door for resumed executions. Bonnyman says the lethal drug formula used in Tennessee works effectively in other states. She rejects claims that inmates could linger near death for some time as the injection takes effect. The supreme court earlier stayed executions pending disposition of the case. The Tennessean reports Bonnyman’s decision will almost certainly be appealed.

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Tennessee Students Make Strides in ACT Scores

(The Tennessean) Tennessee’s average ACT score, historically slow to improve despite constant attention from educators, has made its biggest year-to-year leap since the state began testing all students.

It’s a key sign more students in Tennessee are graduating ready for college, state officials say, and shows the fruits of the state’s move to more rigorous coursework.

“We’re starting to see the upward trend. We’ve been waiting for it, and it feels good that it’s here now,” said Tennessee Education Commissioner Kevin Huffman.

Huffman, who has been under fire for advancing controversial education policies, called the results “heartening” and noted that in recent years the ACT had stayed stagnant despite increases among Tennessee students on other major achievement tests.

Though its 19.8 composite score is still well below the national average of 21, Tennessee’s class of 2014 saw a three-tenths of a point bump from last year, new results released Wednesday show. That’s tied with Kentucky and Wyoming for the largest increase among the 12 states that require all students to take the college entry exam.

It also matches the largest improvement in any state in which more than half of its graduates took the exam.

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